April Menu – Brickworks Farmers’ Market + Public Kitchen

Spring is here! If we keep thinking positively, the weather is bound to warm up after this long winter, and we will start to see our farmers bringing green to market again!

I look very forward to being able to work with more local, organic produce and nourishing you with.

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Reservations + NEW Kids Menu for Sunday Brunch

A big thank you to everyone who has come out to enjoy Toronto’s organic, vegan brunch at my Public Kitchen. In the interest of making your visit even better (and avoiding waiting for service), let us have your table ready and waiting for you upon arrival. Brunch is.

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Semi-Private Chef Training – Spring + Summer 2014

Since opening the doors to my Public Kitchen earlier this year, it has been a wild and exciting journey getting to nourish Toronto with my organic, vegan cuisine, and also teaching the art of vegan cooking!

I am happy to announce that I will be hosting another series of.

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Mexican: A pop-up dinner at my Public Kitchen

I am thrilled to announce the date and menu for my next pop-up dinner at my Public Kitchen – celebrating the colours and flavours of Mexico. I look forward to creating an extraordinary plant-powered, organic and gluten-free

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Menu for March – Market + Public Kitchen

With spring approaching and warmer weather on the horizon (thank goodness!), I look forward to being able to nourish you with fresh and lighter ingredients.

Each week, from Wednesday to Sundas, the following menu will be available at My Public Kitchen for pickup, as well as.

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March Dinner Dates at my Public Kitchen

I am very pleased to announce my two Dinner Dates for March, 2014. After a very quick, fully reserved Valentine’s Day Dinner, I couldn’t help but to be inspired to serve you again in my Public Kitchen!



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Return those Jars for FREE Soup + Stews!

As a classically trained chef, I pride myself on recipes that provide depth of flavour and tantalize the senses.  Each week, I have been offering a bounty of what inspires me and what is available locally and organically in the form of hearty warming, organic, vegan, gluten-free soups and.

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Thanks to all those who have been encouraging me (and those who have been demanding, as well!) to open up my Public Kitchen in Toronto for Organic, Vegan Brunches on Sunday.

Starting Sunday, January 26th, I will officially have Sunday Brunch Service, which will of.

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THIS WEEKEND! Gourmet Food & Wine Expo

I’m very excited to be bringing my organic, plant-based cuisine to one of the largest food and wine shows in North America, The Gourmet Food & Wine Expo, Thursday, November 14 through Sunday, November 17th.

(important note: due to my involvement in the Food & Wine Show, I will not.

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My Organically Local Book Tour

Supporting our local and organic food system is good for each and every one of us, and good for the environment, too. It reduces our dependence on our resources, while fostering a strong sense of community, and.

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