February Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Sales Support the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank

February Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Sales Support the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank

Here’s the deal:

During the month of February, a portion of the proceeds from my chocolate hazelnut spread will be donated to the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank! Made with creamy organic hazelnut butter, vanilla bean, coconut oil, raw cacao and a little agave, it is incredible on toast for a power breakfast, and equally as delightful as a dip for fruit, in crepes, on pancakes or waffles, and as part of a decadent dessert. If you currently eat any of the conventional nutty chocolate spreads on the market, and in the supermarket, swap it out for this one! It’s better for you, plus you can feel good knowing that every purchase will also be supporting TVFB initiates to provide access to whole, vegetarian foods to those in need in Toronto.

Find my chocolate hazelnut spread in the grab and go fridge at my Public Kitchen.*

*unless sold out, but we will be making it fresh and often all February long


Why The Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank?

The Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank serves Toronto’s vegetarians, vegans, and people who are trying to transition to a veg diet but aren’t able to because they rely on food banks to eat. The purpose of the food bank is to help vegetarians who suffer due to the poor selection of veg-friendly foods at regular food banks. Just this past September, they served their 45,000th meal! If you check out their work, you’ll want to support them too!

Why am I doing this?

I am a vegan chef with a fierce commitment to health and organics. I believe that supporting our local and organic food system, and the organizations that serve our community, is good for each and every one of us, and good for the environment too. When we support our neighbours and our friends, we can do better, together. I am determined to give back to our community as much as I can, and bring people together for good!

Thank you for your support!





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