In the Public Kitchen with Breakfast Television

In the Public Kitchen with Breakfast Television

If you missed seeing the fun we had in my Public Kitchen with Jennifer Valentyne and “family” from Breakfast Television, I have linked to the video segments below. As a chef, I start my day early, but today, when my alarm went off at 2:30 am, I wasn’t sure it was even morning! I am so grateful once again, and have had a wonderful day hearing from so many!

To Jenn: I know that you were skeptical about a lot of the “missing” ingredients in plant-based cuisine, but, I’m glad that I was able to wow you with my Gluten-Free Vegan French Toast and cashew sour cream, and hope you enjoyed every bite of the Peanut Butter Fudge I gave you for the road.  I look very forward to having the opportunity of nourishing you again.

To my friends who joined me bright and early this morning: Thank you for being in my Public Kitchen, with me and for me. Your positive and fun energy was just what was needed, and I loved having you in the segments with me. There’s nothing better than community, our version of extended family.

Each of the 3 video segments they posted are below, I hope you watch and enjoy!

The secrets to making my vegan, gluten-free french toast (plus Dina’s great singing that froze Jenn for a brief moment) in this segment –> 

Jenn declares that she can eat an entire bowl of Cashew Sour Cream + Kailey shows off her #KaleIsTheNewBeef t-shirt  in this segment –> 

A few of my favourite organic pantry items + a quick shot of my kitchen, and my friends that joined me on air this morning –> 


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