Introducing my latest collaboration with Yoso: Cashew Cream Cheese

Introducing my latest collaboration with Yoso: Cashew Cream Cheese

I’m excited to announce that Yoso has released a new cashew-based cream cheese style spread, based on my original recipe.

The spread, a true collaboration, is available in both plain and garlic flavours. The cashew cream cheese style spread is already available at Fiesta Farms in Toronto and at my Public Kitchen for sale as well as being served on bagels on my Saturday and Sunday brunch menu.

Vegan, dairy-free cream cheese spreads have been available for years, but it was really important to us that we develop a clean, organic-based product, free from any harmful filler-ingredients like carrageenan, conventional ingredients, and any animal products or by-products.

As a chef who is committed to bringing whole, plant-based foods mainstream, I look forward to this cashew cream cheese being available across Canada. This product is delicious, and I will soon be sharing recipes to demonstrate its versatility.

Yoso really prioritized using organic lightly toasted cashews as the main ingredient. I am so impressed by Yoso’s commitment to innovation and quality, as a small, local family business.

Please ask for Yoso’s cashew-based cream cheese style spread to be carried at your local store, or let Yoso know if there is somewhere you would like to see it.

You can see our full press release here.



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