Mythology: With Gratitude

Mythology: With Gratitude

Wow! Thank you! We’ve opened the doors to Mythology and I want to share a huge helping of gratitude with you for all of your support and enthusiasm, for all of your likes and comments, for your promises of road trips and friends gathering to enjoy the kind food we are creating and serving — it fuels us all!

I’ve named some very special people in this post that have made Mythology (and much more) possible.

I also want to thank everyone who is reviewing, writing about and capturing moments at Mythology (and my Public Kitchen, and around the world too).

A few highlights since Mythology has opened:

To Toronto Life, thank you for this kind review and for the amazing photos.

To Ryan Storm, who has been reviewing my food for the past 9 years, I’m grateful for your visit to Mythology and your continued support.

To Eat North and Dan Clapson, it is certainly an exciting time for kind Canadian food, and I’m thankful for this feature.

To Plant Based News and Diana Lupica, thank you for sharing Mythology with your global community.

To Narcity, thanks for shooting and sharing this fun video about our Reuben Sandwich and Whiskey Sour!

And to Ecorazzi, thank you for so much, including this post. I appreciate all you do for the vegan community and our world, and I’m proud to be part of your team.

With a very full heart, I look forward to nourishing as many as possible with vegan food made with wholesome, organic ingredients and lots of love and care – and sharing in such positive change for us all.


Photo credit: Toronto Life

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