Nutritious + Delicious Colouring Books

Nutritious + Delicious Colouring Books

I’m proud to announce that I’ve created a series of kids’ colouring books that will be available online and at my Public Kitchen.

No matter how old you are or how much cooking experience you have, these colouring books are designed to get you excited about whole, healthy foods. Each vegetable, fruit, superfood, or local food featured in each book is paired with a description and fun fact – some of them may surprise you! With each book, my goal is to improve food literacy, to spark creativity, to inspire colouring outside the lines, to create connection to food, and – perhaps most importantly – to encourage colouring and cooking as a family.

The first colouring book, which is now available on Amazon, features my favourite veggies (including kale, of course).

Happy colouring!




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