Professional Services

Cooking Classes

You’ve never taken a Cooking Class like this


Have Doug come to your home and teach you, or your staff, the proper skills, techniques and secrets of creating healthy organic food. From living raw, to comfort vegan, Doug’s skilled teachings are not only beneficial for the novice cook, but the seasoned chef as well. From stocking shelves, shopping for ingredients to final preparation, Doug will teach you the ins and outs of taking that next step to a healthier you.


If you are interested in entertaining your audience while they learn beneficial kitchen tips and techniques for healthy cuisine, Doug will instruct and inspire your spectators with his kitchen wisdom and know how. From kale salads and super food smoothies, to gourmet vegan comfort, Doug can help transform and inspire your group to embrace eating (and living) in a healthy ethical light.

Speak + Learn

A Seasoned Presenter and Great Storyteller

Corporate Speaking

It is said that the healthier you are, the more you are able to accomplish. Whether to a crowd of 5 or 500, Doug can motivate and teach the art of clean eating in the workplace. Losing 100 pounds himself, Chef McNish knows firsthand the benefits of changing your diet to improve productivity. Doug will give you the tools you need to change your diet and life forever.

Public Speaking

During his career, Doug has brought his energy and enthusiasm to a vast array of public forums. Whether it’s speaking to thousands of fellow vegans in Hawaii, hundreds of industry professionals, or an auditorium of elementary school children, Doug will uplift and inspire any audience.

Food Business Services

Create and Develop with Doug

Kitchen Design

One of the most complicated and difficult to manage aspects of any food service business is the kitchen. Just as important (if not more) as the food you cook, is the functionality of your kitchen space. Doug’s experience and working methods will help you save time, money and hassle. From day one of designing a kitchen space, to helping fit each piece in place, Doug can help guide you each step of the way. Finally, Doug will teach your staff how and where to place pots and pans, bottles, and other various wares to keep everyone safe, organized, and efficient.

Have you ever wanted to know what type of kitchen equipment is best suited for your business? What about the best way to lay it out in your new, or old, kitchen? Taking the time to make it function in the most efficient and profitable manner will help you on your way to success. With Doug’s years of professional food service experience, he will work to help to you purchase and fit the best equipment for your needs.

Menu Development

Whether you are just opening, or you would like to revitalize your existing menu, Doug will build a custom health focused, plant based menu for your food service outlet. Based on your needs, he will create a unique, mouth-watering, nourishing menu specially designed for you. In addition to development, he will assist in instructing your team on proper execution to ensure your guests receive a meal sure to impress.

One of the most important and time consuming aspects of any food service business is sourcing the right products, setting up the supply chain, and finally costing the finished product. Support your business with Doug’s guidance to create a menu with cost controlled systems backed up by guidelines, which takes the guesswork out of profit margins and hard food costs.

You may have sampled some of the custom menus Doug created at Windsor Arms, Taboo, and Vegan Duchess.

Product Development

Doug works for and collaborates with new and existing businesses to create delicious, plant-based meals, desserts, snacks, and retail products. Tap into his wealth of knowledge for recipe development, standardization, and scaling, based on his years of experience as a classically trained chef and entrepreneur. Doug is proud to have worked with many brands including Sweets from the Earth, Yoso, and Green House Juice.

Restaurant Development

Doug’s primary goal, along with those on board, is to grow and increase your profits incrementally, and to ensure the overall success of the food service business. From planning, launch, maintenance and development, to growth and branding, you’ll receive the guidance and advice to achieve success in your vegan food business.

Consulting + Cooking

Private Chef

Doug enjoys creating customized menus for clients in the comfort of their home. Doug can prepare meals for a single client, couples, or families. Based on your personal needs, Doug can create raw living cuisine, vegan comfort food, Gluten Free, macrobiotic or, an extensive menu to cater to a wide variety of other dietary needs. Whether every day, every other day, weekly or, even monthly, contact Doug to discuss a plan and schedule that best suits your lifestyle.


Private Events

Doug and his team can help you host a private event with delicious, organic, plant-based cuisine. Whether you are planning a five course gala event, or a three course romantic evening, Doug will create and execute a masterpiece menu for you and yours. In addition to serving large private events, Doug is also available to turn your dining room into your own private cooking class.


Menu Consultation

Whether you have staff in your private kitchen preparing meals, or you are looking to hire someone, Doug is available to work with your staff to help implement healthy cuisine as part of your life. Doug can be available to come to your home, provide standardized, easy to follow recipes in binder format, and teach staff how to re-create and execute his organic plant based meals, dips, snacks, sauces, dressings, salads, breakfasts, soups, desserts etc.


Food Business Consulting

Through your correspondence, and Doug’s experience, Doug offers guidance and support to help you achieve your business goals in the most efficient manner with a commitment to your brand. This service includes recipe development, standardization, and scaling.



Doug works with brands to increase your exposure within a niche, passion-driven market. Doug will work with brands, products, or services that align with his ethics, and that he has a high understanding for to ensure integrity and return on investment. His goal in every spokesperson relationship is to create an authentic working connection with brands he can stand behind and unquestionably wants to succeed. Working with Doug means working with a spokesperson who is fiercely committed to organics, real food, vegan ethics, and community. He has spent years cultivating trust and commitment within a passionate, engaged audience, and strives to bring this audience genuine value through his partnerships, as with anything else he does.

Vegan Food Incubator

Growing your Healthy Start-up

Doug McNish is proud to offer a shared space within his vegan Public Kitchen in Toronto, perfect for commercial food production and preparation. Vegan and gluten-free with a focus on clean, good food ingredients, all involved are able to support each other and rely on Chef Doug McNish’s skills and visibility in the market.

Some of the features of the kitchen:

  • Industrial convection oven
  • Electric stove and cooktop
  • Dry storage
  • Dish washing sink
  • Hand washing sink
  • Universal stand mixer
  • Prep table
  • Refrigeration and freezer storage

Some additional services available:

  • Vegan Recipe + Menu Consulting
  • Kitchen Assistance
  • Business Development
  • Product Launch Support

For rates and availability, please contact Doug directly at