“Reservations with Respect” Policy (aka: cancellation policy)

“Reservations with Respect” Policy (aka: cancellation policy)

YES! We accept reservations for special dinners and weekend brunch at my Public Kitchen!

As a self-employed vegan chef running a small business centered on compassion, respect and ethics, my goal is complete kindness! I want to continue to accept reservations because I appreciate people’s busy schedules, tight timelines, desire for efficiency and a desire to not wait in line (although, I am thrilled to know that so many think my food is worth waiting for, thank you!) and as a Dad myself, know that when kids need to sit down and eat, you need to get them fed with good food (one of the reasons we serve my signature vegan cheesy popcorn to every table at brunch when you sit down!).

Please understand, taking reservations is time consuming, and even with our small space, our small team dedicates a great deal of time and energy towards taking reservations, changes to reservations, confirmations, and cancellations. While we’re super grateful to be so busy in a small location where people come from all over for my organic, vegan food, it is crushing for so many reasons to leave a table open if/when someone simply does not show up for their reservation. Often, we turn away people who walk in, and not only do we disappoint those we cannot nourish, but my small business loses money, we potentially create wasted food that has been prepped based on reservations, and we also lose that great energy that buzzes through the space when the tables are full of happy diners.

In light of the above, I am introducing my “Reservations with Respect” Policy (aka: cancellation policy):

In order to reserve a table at my Public Kitchen, you must secure it with a valid credit card.  Any no shows, cancellations, or reduction in the number of your party made with less than 12 hours notice* will be charged $25 per person.

To make same day reservations, changes or cancellations, please call the kitchen at 647-341-1736 to let us know. Our email reservations@dougmcnish.com can be used 7 days a week, but we do not respond during service.

*We’re human too, so if something does come up and you need to cancel within 12 hours, please get in touch and we’ll work it out with you. We know a little consideration goes a long way. We believe that if people knew how much it hurt their favourite restaurant to not show up or cancel their reservation, they wouldn’t do it. The people who I am fortunate enough to nourish at my Public Kitchen are good people who I truly believe want us to not only survive but thrive. This new policy will hopefully nurture respect and consideration for all parties.

For the press release about how I’m trying to create a kinder restaurant scene, click here. 

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