Vegan Burger Packs

Vegan Burger Packs

Even though my burgers are one of my best-selling items, year round, as the weather warms up, and you are grilling outside more, or invited to BBQs,  they are disappearing from the grab and go fridge at my Public Kitchen at record speed (thank you all for enjoying them!).

NOW AVAILABLE: Vegan Burger Packs for $35.

Pick one up on your way to the cottage, for a friend’s backyard BBQ, or just to keep in your freezer for when you need real, fast food. The pack includes:

4 of my tempeh mushroom millet burgers, made with all organic ingredients

4 Thornbury Bakery gluten-free buns

1 large salad from my fridge (various choices, depending on the day!)

Take home, heat, load up with your favourite toppings and serve! They freeze well in an airtight container for up to 1 month.

Please just email or call me (647) 341-1736 and we will have it ready for you at my Public Kitchen – we even offer curbside service, as many of you know!

I look forward to nourishing you, and thank you all for the opportunity!



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