You’re Invited: Community Events and Tabling at the Public Kitchen

You’re Invited: Community Events and Tabling at the Public Kitchen

As you may have heard, last January I decided to open up my Public Kitchen, free of charge, to those who wanted to host kind, socially responsible events.

I want to take this commitment to community a step further by inviting you to view my Public Kitchen as a hub. When I’m not teaching or speaking, I want my space to be open for like-minded businesses. My space seats 30 and is available Monday through Friday, from 9am-10:45am (I’ll be working away in the back). And, I’m open to having you here between 11am and 6pm for samples, pamphlets, and more, as long as it’s the right fit! I encourage you to come and visit to see the space for yourself, and we can discuss making it work for you.

My Public Kitchen currently serves organic, vegan cusine for weekday lunches, special dinners, and weekend brunches, it’s a takeout spot, a place to shop for healthy essentials, a training center, and a culinary education facility. It’s the perfect setting for holistic nutritionists, vegan food producers, naturopathic doctors, artists, educators, and organizations.

All that’s asked is that you come with a smile, and leave the space the way you found it. Although we ask that you host your event free to the public, you may bring and offer things to sell and promote your business. In the case of food, please ensure what you serve is plant-based.

I truly want to hear from you. Before having this space of my own, I know I would have appreciated someone extending this offer to me, and I hope you can put it to good use.

To reserve our space, fill out this application and email



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