Breakfast Television

Back in 2011 I made my first appearance on Breakfast Television Toronto!  Since then, I have had many more opportunities to showcase just how amazing vegan cuisine can be!  From segments on Vegan Thanksgiving, to Summer BBQing, what the vegan celebs at TIFF eat and more!

The entire team at BT is a well-oiled unit that has the right combination of quirkiness and professionalism down pat, and it shows! From April, to Dina, Janina, Tracy, Roger and the entire team, thank you for showing up daily and kicking ass! Kevin, even though you retired I still hold the crown of the only chef that made you not only enjoy Raw food but go home and try my Red Beet Ravioli recipe!

Today it was time to fool stump the meat eater!

Armed with my signature Bacon Double Cheeseburger and Vegan Benedict I was able to showcase two of my favourite dishes!

A big thank you to Emborg Vegan Cheese for providing the best melting Vegan Cheddar Cheese I have ever had, and helping to show the world you can easily be vegan and not miss a thing!

Thank you BT for all you do, and thank you for taking a chance on me all those years ago, I am truly grateful.  Click here for the link to today’s show!

From one Plant Addict to another,

Doug McNish

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