HAPPY 4:20! 

Today in Canada (and the world) we celebrate a time to enjoy and embrace Cannabis!

For more than 20 years I have been nervous walking around with this plant in my pocket, worried about the police, worried about the legality and the social stigmas that this plant has carried with it…

Until last year I was apprehensive of being a strong advocate publicly for cannabis but I realize though some stigmas persist, it’s up to us to shatter them.  We need to educate the world that if you enjoy Cannabis you can still be productive and a part of society.  I know doctors, entrepreneurs, athletes, chefs, and celebrities (just to name a few) that enjoy this plant and are still very successful. 

From helping with pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, inflammation and so much more, I truly believe the medical benefits of Cannabis are only starting to be discovered!  Let’s celebrate this mighty little herb and work towards a system that not only embraces, but encourages its benefits in all forms…

Congratulations to everyone today leading the way in the fight for legalization.  Congratulations on the years and years of hard work leading to this very time in life where it feels like we are finally catching up!

Happy 4:20 everyone! 

From one plant addict to another,

Doug McNish 

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