Cooking Demos

Private Cooking Demonstrations // Doug is available to come to your home and teach you, or your staff, the proper skills, techniques and secrets of creating vegan cuisine. From raw living foods, to comfort vegan, and whole plant based low oil, Doug’s skilled teachings are not only beneficial for the novice cook, but the seasoned chef as well. From stocking shelves, shopping for ingredients to final preparation, Doug will teach you the ins and outs of taking that next step to living a vegan lifestyle!

Public Cooking Demonstrations // Interested in entertaining your audience while they learn beneficial kitchen tips and vegan cuisine? Doug will instruct and inspire your guests with his sense of humor and honest approach to kitchen wisdom and knowledge. From kale salads and superfood smoothies, to gourmet vegan comfort, Doug can help transform and inspire your group to embrace eating (and living) in an ethical way. Whether large corporate or in an intimate office space, he is perfect to hire as an inspirational teacher for both ethical, and healthy eating!

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