Emborg Vegan Cheese

It has been absolutely astounding to see how the Vegan prepared foods market has changed in the last 15 years. Where we are now is miles ahead of where we used to be in terms of both the sheer number of products on shelves, and the quality of them. When I first went Vegan, Vegan cheese had the consistency of plastic and left much to be desired in the taste department. So much so that I did not even eat it, can you imagine a world now without vegan cheese? I know I cannot!

Flash forward to today, and not only are we lucky enough to have so many options, but the products are getting better and better.

I am excited to be working with this innovative brand developing recipes, and helping to showcase how awesome it truly is so stay tuned for more!

From one Plant Addict to another,


This is where Emborg Vegan Cheese enters. When I first tasted Emborg Vegan Cheese I was blown away! Not only were the slices perfect cold either on sandwiches or right out of the package, but the shreds melted like no other vegan cheese I had ever had!

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