Experience the New Myth.

I am so proud to announce the grand re-opening of Mythology on July 26, 2019! Reserve now to be one of the firsts in the city to see veganism at its finest.

Me and the team behind Vegandale have been working so hard over the last couple months to give you a vegan dining experience like you’ve never seen before. I put my heart and soul into designing the new menu, and I am ecstatic to share my creations with you.

The new Mythology will defy all of your expectations. Throw out any preconceived notions you may have about what veganism looks like, because we are smashing all the stereotypes. On July 26th, we will show the world that vegans don’t only eat grass and granola — they sip on exquisite cocktails and sample charcuterie by candlelight.

My contemporary take on international cuisines will send your taste buds to places and realms of pleasure they’ve never been. The restaurant has had a complete aesthetic overhaul, so now every detail enhances the lavish atmosphere, priming your senses for an upscale dining experience making any occasion feel special.

The new Myth will subvert your notion of what veganism looks like, challenging traditions and inspiring social change in all walks of life. We are proving that veganism is for everybody, not just “hippies”, by showing the world that you don’t have to sacrifice style, sophistication or sensory pleasure when you adopt a vegan lifestyle. You can contemplate the pitfalls of neoclassical economics over gourmet hors d’oeuvres, or discuss the volatility of the stock market over aquafaba whisky sours.

We welcome the crusaders, the trailblazers, the advocates, and those who are just curious to see what all the hype is about.

Reserve now to witness a brand of veganism you’ve never seen before.

See you there,

Doug McNish, 
Executive Vegan Chef

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