The world is evolving, and so should your business. Every day, more people are choosing to lead more ethical and sustainable lifestyles by adopting new habits and voting with their dollars.

People are beginning to understand that plant based diets are not just better for farm animals and other earthlings, but also for our planet and our overall health. And no, it’s not just a trend.

Society is finally embracing plant based diets, holistic healing and conscious consumerism and the impact is echoing through markets around the world. Brands that choose to evolve their business models now can capitalize on this seismic shift in social thought and consumer behaviour, centering themselves as leaders in the movement towards eco-conscious living.

Globally acclaimed Executive Vegan Chef Doug McNish will help your emerging or established business evolve it’s products, services and operations so you can take advantage of this revolutionary opportunity to develop or diversify your revenue stream. Whether you are a self-proclaimed plant addict or plant sceptic, your business will benefit from offering more plant based and vegan options to your customers. When you decide to harness the power of plants and partner with Chef McNish, the growth of your business will be as simple, strategic and profitable as possible.

Food Services

Menu Design and Development

Whether you’re launching a new business and need a comprehensive menu designed from scratch or you’d like to diversify your existing menu to cater to a wider audience, Doug can execute your vision with his expert touch, on time and within budget. After an in-depth consultation to discuss your specific needs, goals and vision, Chef McNish will craft a customized menu full of his own unique and undeniably delicious recipes. What’s more, he will ensure that all the ingredients, time and preparation required to make your new menu a reality are fully accounted for through comprehensive food costing and sourcing within your budget. In addition to menu design and development, Chef Doug is an experienced food educator and can assist in any training that your BOH or FOH teams need to ensure that it will be executed properly on a daily basis, so your customers can come to expect the same tantalizing quality with every visit.

Kitchen Design and Functionality

An often overlooked but absolutely crucial aspect of any food service business is understanding and organizing its kitchen operations. The functionality of the food you cook is just as important (if not more) as its quality. If you have an amazing recipe, but your kitchen isn’t equipped to handle the processes involved in consistently creating it en masse, then your recipe and the skills of your kitchen staff are useless.

By partnering with Doug, you are teaming up with a dedicated and hands-on Executive Chef with tried and true methods and strategies that will save you time, money and hassle. Chef McNish is skilled in the art of kitchen set up, so your operations will be as efficient and profitable as possible. He has a passion for helping launch new food businesses, so even if you’re in the early stages of restaurant development, reach out for a consultation.

Supply Chain and Food Costing

One of the most complicated and time-consuming demands related to any profitable food service business is the sourcing of products, setting up the supply chain and properly costing the final product(s).

Through Doug's years of experience, he can support your business with a menu of cost-controlled systems and guidelines, ensuring that all the guesswork is taken out of the margins so you can always stay within your budget.

His deliverables include a breakdown of fully executed turn-key supplier ordering sheets, inventory sheets and more. While this step is often neglected in the hubbub of launching a new business, every successful restaurant knows that it can not be ignored, and should be considered right from the start.

Equipment Ordering and Layout

Have you ever wanted to know what type of kitchen equipment is the best suited for your business, or even your home? What about the best way to lay it out in your existing, new, old, or soon-to-be new kitchen?

Chef Doug knows how important the kitchen is to any dwelling, and he knows exactly how to ensure that it functions in the most efficient and profitable manner. Kitchen design should be considered an important and foundational building block for your business as you build your way to success.

With Doug’s decades of professional food service experience, he will help you choose, purchase and implement the best equipment for your needs, goals and vision.

Hotel and Institutional Training

Throughout Doug’s many years as a professional chef in the food service industry, he has immersed himself into the world of hospitality, partnering with boutique hotels and renowned chains both locally and globally.

Doug has been a vital partner in implementing plant based menus across international hospitality destinations of every size and caliber. In addition to hotels, Doug is available for large-scale, institutional plant based consulting and training. Colleges, universities and other large food service operators have all benefited from Doug’s knowledge, passion and the skills that he passes down to his students and food service colleagues.

Industrial and Large Scale Plant Based Recipe Development

Doug is a skilled gastronomer, creating and designing recipes for all types of plant based products ranging from vegan meats and dairy-free cheeses, to sauces, dips, spreads, desserts and more. Areas of expertise include (but are not limited to) texturized vegetable protein based applications, various protein concentrates, hydrocolloid applications and other hybrid recipe concoctions. Doug is experienced in everything from early stage prototypes to large, scaled-up production, with a foundational understanding of food science.

In addition, Chef McNish can lead clean-label and allergen-free recipe development, working with raw and organic whole foods. Doug is also a valuable resource to consult for all things ingredient sourcing, and can make recommendations on labels, nutrition panels and the functionality of foods.

Private Services

Hire Doug As Your Private Chef

Have a special occasion coming up? Chef Doug and his team love providing personalized, memorable experiences for all occasions, creating customized menus serving clients in private home settings.

Chef McNish is always a professional, providing friendly and customized meals, appetizers and more to single clients, couples or families both at home or abroad. Doug can create anything from raw living cuisine to vegan comfort food, catering to specialized diets like Gluten Free, Macrobiotic, allergy free and a wide variety of other dietary needs.

For a fun and entertaining evening, Chef Doug can even turn your dining room into your own private cooking class! Contact him today for all your custom meal and menu development needs.

Hire Executive Chef Mcnish For Your Private Events

Doug and his team are available to come to your home and entertain your guests for any type of event.

If you’re planning a large event or fundraiser, Chef McNish can prepare you a plant based menu according to your needs and tastes, and even come train your kitchen staff to ensure its most delicious delivery to your guests.

Whether you’re planning a lavish gala, an intimate evening at home, or a wine pairing fundraiser, Doug and his team can create and execute a masterpiece menu for you and your special guests.

Private Menu Consultation And Recipe Development

Whether you already have staff in your kitchen, or you are looking to hire someone, Doug and his team are available to work with your team to implement vegan cuisine into your life.

Chef McNish can come to you where you’re located and provide standardized recipes to suit any diet, with comprehension instructions in an organized physical and digital format. Hire Chef McNish to teach you or your staff how to re-create and execute his famous vegan meals, dips, snacks, sauces, dressings, salads, breakfasts, soups, desserts and more.

Contact Chef Doug for your private menu development consultation, and elevate your event or business.

Private Cooking Lessons And Demonstrations

Doug is an experienced educator, and can come to your home to teach you or your staff all the proper skills, techniques and secrets of creating vegan cuisine.

From raw living foods, to vegan comfort food, or gourmet whole food plant based recipes, Doug has passion for passing down his knowledge of plant based cuisine. Guaranteed, his private cooking lessons and demonstrations are beneficial for beginners as well as experienced chefs.

If you’re looking to leap into the healthy vegan lifestyle or plant based diets, hire Executive Chef Doug McNish to teach you everything you’ll need to know, and guide you through this transformative journey.

Professional Food Photography And Presentation

Throughout his decades of food business experience, Doug has received hands-on training with countless food photography projects, styling and preparing food for both television and online use.

Chef McNish has a keen eye for light and texture, and a passion for the fine art of food photography. He will work with your or your team to develop and shoot vegan recipes out of his home studio in Toronto, or abroad. Together, you can promote, elevate and market your food business brand!

Please note that during COVID-19 Doug is still travelling abroad and able to work with you or your team in virtually any country in the world.

Strategic Partnership Opportunities

Public Cooking Demonstrations

Entertain, educate and inspire your audience by hiring Executive Chef Doug McNish to instruct a public cooking demonstration, passing on his professional kitchen and vegan cuisine tips and tricks. Doug will instruct and inspire your guests with his sense of humor and honest approach to kitchen wisdom and knowledge.

From kale salads and superfood smoothies, to gourmet vegan comfort, Doug can transform and excite any audience to embrace eating (and living) in a more ethical way.

Chef McNish has entertained and educated audiences across live television, corporate offices and health conferences around the world. Everyone benefits from learning more about plant based cooking, and Doug is always happy to respectfully answer any questions your audience may have.

Virtual Cooking Classes And Demonstrations

Doug is available to travel internationally, but virtual cooking classes and vegan cuisine demonstrations can be just as educational! Entertain and inspire your audience by hiring Doug to instruct a public cooking demonstration while projected onto a big screen, so your team can learn all his kitchen and vegan cuisine pointers.

Chef McNish has entertained and educated audiences across live television, corporate offices and health conferences around the world, in person and virtually. Everyone benefits from learning more about plant based cooking, and Doug is always happy to respectfully answer any questions your audience may have about plant based cuisine and the vegan lifestyle.

Strategic Partnership And And Co-Branding

Do you have an exciting new plant based product that is about to launch? Or, do you already have an existing product but are looking to stir up some fresh, new buzz? Partnering the Doug McNish brand is a strategic marketing and advertising tactic, helping us both to reach a wider audience and more success.

Working with Doug is an effective marketing move that can build your brand, boost brand awareness, and allow you to break into new markets. Doug is committed to making this a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Reach out to Doug for a free consultation, and let’s grow together!

Brand Representation

Whether you are looking for representation at a trade show, online, television or more, Chef Doug can elevate your brand and cement it’s authority in the vegan market as well as in the minds of plant-forward customers.

Through his years of dedicated hard work and business acumen, Doug has cultivated an understanding of retail trends and consumer demands in the vegan market, and wants to help progressive vegan food businesses reach success.

Doug will work with you to determine the best advertising and social marketing strategy throughout online, print and television outlets so you can secure meaningful revenue for years to come.