Supporting One Another

I think one of the most important things we can do as a community is to support one another.  Whether it is the times of COVID-19, or anytime, we are all one community and need to be there when it matters most.   Being part of the vegan community here in Toronto, and abroad, is a blessing for me, and I truly believe we are all one, and stronger when we come together!  

If you have the privilege to be able to stay home, have income coming in and want to be able to make a difference, please spend your dollars wisely!

Some of my favourite vegan business to support while we are on lockdown:

Good Rebel Vegan 

Hogtown Vegan


Green Earth Vegan Cuisine 

Kings Cafe 

Live Organic Food Bar 

Thrive Organic Kitchen 

Fennel Organic Eatery

Copper Branch


Boon Burger Café



Sweets from the earth

Green Zebra 

Some of my favourite business that aren’t vegan, but have vegan options:


The Beet Organic Café

The Roasted Nut 

Please check with each individual business to see their own method of delivery or pickup!

Its in these times that we must do our best, so please, please support each and every business you can!   I will do my best to update this list as it changes! 

From one Plant Addict to another, 

Doug McNish 

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