It’s almost time to say “bon voyage” to me, as I leave for Stockholm, Sweden in a few weeks to help implement an awesome vegan project!

I will be passing on some of my hard-earned skills and knowledge about vegan cooking techniques to the Radisson Blu Royal Park Stockholm kitchen crew, as I help them design and develop their plant based brunch, à la carte and conference menus!

The prolific serial entrepreneur who contacted me is a dedicated vegan named Ulrich, and he wants the four-star hotel to become one of the foremost pioneering plant based destinations in the world! It all started with a Plant Powered Sunday brunch, and now it’s evolved into aspirations of transitioning the whole hotel. Soon, their brunch menu will have upgraded to epic proportions with the inclusion of my signature vegan eggs and trademark Eggs Benedict, the recipes of which I developed over years of trial and error. It will be my job to lead the culinary way, and I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing endeavour.

Ulrich and I both know that encouraging plant based diets is the key to ensuring a sustainable future, so we share the goal of making vegan options as accessible and as palatable as possible. I’ll be teaching the whole kitchen crew some signature techniques and recipes I’ve developed over my many years of self-education and experimentation, but I hope to pass along some of my passion for the vegan lifestyle as well as my knowledge.

I am honoured to be an international ambassador for veganism, representing the movement wherever I go. Imparting my wisdom on plant based cooking is the best way that I know how to spread awareness and inspire others to make the change towards living more compassionately. I am hopeful that everyone who tries the new menus at the Radisson Blu Royal Park in Stockholm will be inspired to learn more about and eventually adopt veganism, after they see how delicious and nourishing plant based food can be!

Soon, everyone around the world will consciously decide to make more compassionate choices, as consumers and as individuals. The first step in progressing the vegan movement is helping as many people as possible understand that veganism doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing health, and it doesn’t have to mean giving up the most delectable flavours. It is my mission to show as many people as possible these universal truths, and this project is a huge step towards doing that!

With awesome venues like the Radisson Blu Royal Park adopting ever more plant based options on their menus, veganism becomes more and more accessible and socially accepted. This is how we win. This is how we help the most animals, the planet, and ourselves. By going mainstream, and getting into the most popular destinations in the world!

This is an incredible opportunity in so many ways, and I am so excited to go to Europe to share my knowledge, skills and passion for veganism with everyone I meet.

Now, wherever you are, let’s get out there and be the best #PlantAddicts we can be! 

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