“Always pass on what you have learned.”

– Yoda

When I was younger, I was lucky enough to attend George Brown Chef Schoolin Toronto. Even though I had been professionally cooking for a few years prior to attending George Brown, the experience helped to inspire me to become the chef I knew I could be.  It also helped me to understand the true meaning of teaching and inspiring people through food.  This inspiration continues to guide me now in my pursuit of creating vegan cuisine! 

I A few months ago I was thrilled to receive an email from chef Simon Stenekes, Shona Chalmers and Greg Howe from Humber College. They wanted to know if I could come in and not only teach a dish to the students, but to speak about my experiences and what is possible after graduating chef school;of course, I jumped at the opportunity!

I originally met Shonah and Greg through a special evening we hosted at Mythology highlighting Vegan Cuisine.  We had 30 + of the country’s best chefs in at the restaurant and I was able to speak to vegan cuisine in general, and my experiences as a vegan chef, it was truly a memorable evening!  A big thank you also goes out to Cornelia Volino for the push to showcase vegan and for the support, truly appreciated. 

I had a wonderful time with the students this week at Humber, which really helped to re-inspired me to share my spark for teaching and engaging with people in the classroom.  Definitely more classes to come this year!  We went through the steps of cooking tempeh, my red lentil dahl with mushrooms, lemon quinoa pilaf, cashew tzatziki and sautéed spring greens. 

If even one student can be inspired towards creating vegan cuisine, my job here is done!

From one plant addict to another,

Doug McNish 

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