Ubuntu Café

“Ubuntu is a beautiful word meaning humanity and kindness, so I deliberately opened up in a non-vegan area to engage with non-vegans to showcase our delicious food and that no animals need to be hurt or eaten for food to taste so good. Bringing people together over a delicious meal where no harm or cruelty has occurred to get food on the plate. That is what Ubuntu is about to me.”

The words above are straight from Lizz who is the owner/operator of Ubuntu Café located in Hawthorne Melbourne Australia. I first met Lizz early in 2018. She came to me with a vision and plan to open a truly unique and special vegan restaurant in Hawthorn, an inner suburb of Melbourne. She flew from her home and took a 2-day crash course with me at my Public Kitchen, I was honoured! I immediately felt an awesome warm energy from her and her vision. We set off to help her create a truly unique and special place where people can come to meet, be nourished and learn the many benefits of living a vegan lifestyle!

From there, Liz went back to her home and Ubuntu was born! In May Of 2018 Lizz first opened her doors and Ubuntu hit the ground running!

It’s been 5 months and through a lot of hard work and dedication, Ubuntu has poised itself as truly one of the world’s most special and best Vegan Restaurants!

I am excited to announce that I will be traveling to Ubuntu this month to work with Lizz and help develop some more recipes and help grow the Ubuntu kitchen along with her guidance.

Please follow along on Ubuntu’s Instagram, Facebook and more as the journey unfolds!

Who knows, maybe Australia will be the be the new Vegan mecca!

From one Plant Addict to another,

Doug McNish

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