Vegan Cheeses and Dairy Replacements

Vegan cheese 15 years ago was in its infancy, to say the least.  There were maybe 2 or 3 brands in the marketplace, and virtually none of them tasted anything like cheese.

One of the reasons that vegan cheese hasn’t stood up to its animal based counterpart is the milk protein Casein.  Casein is one of the main reasons that animal milk based cheeses melt and stretch, and vegetable based ones do not.  I know that there are many companies working on developing the milk protein, and in time, they will get there, but for now we must stick to our Plant Based Cheeses that are nearly there!

Flash forward to today and there are more and more brands to try, with more and more to come!  One of my personal favourites is Emborg Vegan Cheese because it melts so well for things like Pizza or Lasagna! 

While I do love packaged vegan cheeses on occasion, I think that it is equally as important to learn how to make your own.   In fact, my third cookbook, Vegan Everyday, has an entire chapter dedicated to Vegan Cheese!  Some of my favourite vegan cheese recipes to create are, Cashew Ricotta, Almond Parmesan, Cashew Mozzarella, Mac and Cheese Sauce and more!

The world of vegan cheese is so new and exciting there are literally new types of cheeses and recipes coming out all the time.  I am excited to see where the direction of the market goes, and how many new melty, stretchy and delicious recipes are created.

For now, I will leave you with my E-Book for simple and easy vegan cheese and non-dairy recipes, I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating them! 

From one Plant Addict to another, 

Doug McNish 

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