Vegan Dating/Partnership

When I met my partner, she was not Vegan. Not only was she not vegan but she thought that she would not be able to get the essential vitamins + minerals on a vegan diet! With some dedication, not only did she learn that Veganism was the healthiest and most ethical way to live, she was thriving in no time.

For me personally, I loved her regardless of her way living, but what if I didn’t? The truth is I have never had a serious relationship with someone who was not Vegan. The thought of kissing someone with blue cheese on their breath always sort of turned me off!!!

My question this week: Is your partner Vegan, and if not, how do you make it work? If they are Vegan, who went vegan first?

It’s so important for so many to live this way of life and lead by example, but does this extend into your love life as well???

I do know some people who live this life and love their partner regardless of how they live their life. I do also know for many, if not all of them, the issue of food and beliefs can, and has become an issue. Veganism to many (me for sure) is like a religion in many ways. It is a set of beliefs that help guide me in this life. Would I truly be able to share my home, my life and my heart with someone who does not? I actually do not know as I have never dated someone who did not!

I am truly curious; would you be able to be with someone who was not an ethical vegan? I want to know, feel free to comment and let me know!

From one Plant Addict to another,

Doug McNish

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