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Be A Vegan Leader With Executive Chef Doug Mcnish

The world is evolving, and so should your business. Every day, more people are choosing to open their minds and lead more ethical and sustainable lifestyles by voting with their dollars. The message that plant based diets are better for the planet, our fellow earthlings and our overall health has reached the international stage, and public support is mounting as science proves it to be true, again and again. And no, it’s not just a trend.

Society’s movement towards embracing plant based diets, holistic healing and conscious consumerism has only just begun. Our collective evolution is officially underway, and the impact is reverberating through markets and industries around the world. Brands that choose to adapt their business models now can take advantage of this seismic shift in social thought and consumer behaviour, cementing themselves as leaders in the global movement towards compassionate and conscious living.

Chef Doug’s mission is to make Veganism more accessible

Doug’s Mission: Vegan World Takeover

Internationally award-winning Executive Vegan Chef Doug McNish will help your emerging or established business evolve it’s products, services and operations so you can capitalize on this revolutionary opportunity. Whether you are already a bonafide plant addict or are personally a born-and-raised plant sceptic, your business will prosper by offering more plant based and vegan options to your customers. When you decide to harness the power of plants and partner with Chef McNish, the transition will be as simple, strategic and profitable as possible.

Ultimately, Chef Doug’s mission is to make Veganism more accessible to the public on a global scale by using his skills, knowledge and passion to help forward-thinking brands bring gourmet, healthful plant based options and products to their customers.

Bringing The World The Power Of Plants

As an Executive Chef and Restaurant Consultant, Chef McNish offers his expertise and talents as a gastronomer, menu developer, business consultant, restaurateur, public speaker and educator to collaborators across continents, bringing their business models into the modern world and maximizing their profitability and popularity, in turn.

Chef Doug McNish has a demonstrable history of launching award-winning restaurants as well as wildly popular plant based menus and events, consulting on every aspect of business operations, kitchen staff training and recipe development. Among his most recent successes, Chef McNish was at the helm of launching Neon Tiger, Charleston’s first plant based restaurant which was awarded Best New Restaurant in Charleston 2021, beating out its conventional counterparts.

Three of his four cookbooks, including best-selling publications Eat Raw, Eat Well and The Classics Veganized, are internationally recognized as among the Best Vegetarian Cookbooks in the world, having been awarded the Gourmand Award in 2012 and 2021, respectively. Shop Doug’s award-winning cookbooks and ebook recipe collections here.

In 2017, Doug was granted the title of Best Chef in Toronto by local media outlets, and has appeared on national and international media networks as a culinary expert, giving food demonstrations as well as motivational and educational lectures related to holistic health and his entrepreneurialism.

Revolutionize Your Business With Doug Mcnish

As a world-class Executive Vegan Chef, Restaurant Consultant and Educator, Doug McNish has partnered with renowned, elite brands and trailblazing businesses around the globe in his mission to make plant based cuisine beloved by the masses.

Alongside his colleagues and collaborators, Chef McNish is leading the charge into a new era for our global community, creating a world where we no longer have to choose between convenience, indulgence and our conscience.

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Join the movement. Choose evolution, and be a Vegan leader with Chef Doug McNish.

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You can harness the power of plants at home with Chef Doug McNish’s best-selling raw, gourmet and whole food Vegan recipes. His award-winning cookbooks Eat Raw, Eat Well, Vegan Everyday and The Classics Veganized have been recognized as “The Best Vegan Cookbooks” in the world, each earning a Gourmand Award. These iconic culinary masterpieces are a staple in every dedicated, diehard Vegan’s recipe repertoire, and make great gifts for all the plant addict and plant-curious loved ones in your life.